What is Neicey’s Jewels?

So now the big question that everyone seems to be asking  What is Neicey’s Jewels? 

(no! we don’t just sell jewellery!!) That would be way too easy 😜

As a teenager I became a victim of bullying both mentally and physically. I also battled with self love and confidence all through my teenage years. (Mate I was a late bloomer! The ‘glow up’ didn’t start for me till I was like 19 boyyy!) ..I wasn’t the prettiest nor the smartest or even the loudest and it was like kids in school thought that was a weakness so they were willing to take full advantage of that.. 

As days went on, term after term I began rebelling.. getting sent out of classes just so I wasn’t laughed at in front of everyone because of my facial appearance. I even found myself mixing with the wrong crowd so I could seem cool (how stupid 😑 lol). 

I then went through my jewellery phase, I found my voice through my bold jewellery. 5 years on it’s become my trade mark and I’m still rocking my big gold hoops 😏

Growing up I always knew I wanted to be the greatest! I wanted to touch people’s lives but didn’t know how to go about it. In school I studied Business, I always had that entrepreneurial flair from early so I knew it wouldn’t be long till I started my own venture once I left school.

In 2014 I finally plucked up the courage and I did it! I got on a deadly roller coaster lool and haven’t looked back since! I started Neicey’s Jewels ✨

Neicey’s Jewels is a bespoke jewellery service which offers different product ranges for all women to ‘look powerful and feel powerful’ through fashion. Our main focal point is confidence. We are going to build  our queens back up one by one so we all walk hand in hand with pride and power.

 As a person I am still battling with confidence issues and Neicey’s Jewels is not only a business journey for me but also a spiritual one! I believe I am capable of helping other women to see the amazing things God’s already blessed them with and just bringing that shine out!  
One of the services that we offer is a jewellery platform for women who are bold, unique and see themselves as fashion forward individuals but are afraid to be themselves in todays society.

 In the near future we have some plans in the making! One of them being to offer seminars and workshops for our young queens and women who are battling with these issues. (that’s all I’m saying for now 🙊.. I’ve already said too much!)

One step at a time.. each life at a time 👣

 “Shanice found her voice through wearing bold statement jewellery and urges those who want to, to do the same”.

Thank you for reading my blog guys, leave some comments below!
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6 thoughts on “What is Neicey’s Jewels?

  1. Wow! What a moving, inspirational blog. It’s not easy talking about yourself. It’s very humbling to see people wanting to help others, you won’t even know it but you have already helped lots of people by just telling your story! Keep doing what your doing, you will achieve what ever you allow yourself to achieve 💗

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