Naturally beautiful you are..

”you don’t need to wear all that make-up”

“your eyebrows are too sharp”

”Is this foundation even my skin tone”

All these questions went around in her head as she painted on her EstΓ©e Lauder double wear foundation and concealed under her eyes..

Females are so caught up in what foundation to buy next, how to contour correctly and what makeup brush to use for the daily bronzer.

When did natural beauty become so scary, to the thought that some  females can’t even walk 10 mins to the corner shop without plastering their face..I’ve always said I love a bit of foundation and a good eyebrow but I do not need to wear makeup 247 to get abit of attention, a few Twitter favourites and retweets and to feel beautiful!

Now.. I’m not slating women that wear makeup at all because everyone is entitled to there own opinion and have different perceptions of what makes them feel ‘beautiful’ but what I am saying is dig a little deeper.. 

Your natural beauty makes you unique, your beautiful flaws make you who you are as a person and your personality is the stamp you leave people with at the end.

Yes. a pretty face will no doubt get you the attention and it will probably keep people interested that little longer BUT let me tell you this for free.. If all you have to offer is a pretty face and shxt personality there is no hope at all! 

I’ve witnessed so many ‘pretty’ females treat other girls so mean because they THINK they look better then them so it’s okay..

Wait since when did you getting 120 likes on Instagram because your ‘caked up’ mean you were better than everyone else?πŸ˜†

Girls start embracing yourselves, your being.. your realness.. It’s not everyday  cover up your inperfections but see how you last with ‘no makeup’ sometimes.. Accept the compliments when your face isn’t ‘beat’ .. Walk around with your head high knowing your natural beauty is what makes you beautiful..

Personally I would go a month without wearing makeup then just switch it up and beat this face girlll lol that’s just meπŸ™‹πŸ½.. but that’s the beauty of it.. try to switch it up.. feel confident with or without..

I hear a lot of females saying I wear makeup to feel good about myself, to look good constantly and to get people’s attention so let me ask you something if your constantly wearing makeup and ‘shutting down’ when it comes to big events in a women’s life for e.g. 21st birthday, prom, graduation and your wedding will be looking so casj because you would of got so used to that ‘turn up’ look no? 😧

Females get with it, that natural glow is winning this summer.. Stop focusing on looking like an average girl and be different.. Stand out. Remember your great with or without those things.. 😏☺️

Thank you for reading this post..❀️

Love always, Neicey xo

Procrastination is a MOTHER!

When I was younger I would tell myself I would work my ass off for anything that I felt passionate about. No matter how hard it got or how many battles I would have to overcome I told myself I would do it no questions asked because I was a solider and I was always told the saying  God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.

I would always keep that in the back of my mind so if things got tough I would keep going because I was a fighter, an overcomer… a warrior.

As you get older we all face many responsibilities whether that be working a full time job to earn that paper or struggling to attend lecture because you know you need that 1st at the end or some may even be in my situation running a full time business, working part time (booo! I hate it!) and attending university. Taking all that into consideration, when your in a long term committed relationship, wanting to spend time with family and socialise with your girlies it can sometimes get too much and you will quickly find yourself drowning, Being 21 I can honestly say my patience has been tested the most this year, the more activities I involve myself in the less motivated I get to actually get to the finishing line (wherever that is).

Everyone wants to be great, we all want to be successful but some are willing to work harder than others. I am literally a workaholic and my close ones know I love working hard and accomplishing goals. The fear of being ‘bummy’ and being the average ‘South East Female’ frightens me because I am definitely not a statistic so I don’t see why I shouldn’t push myself to reach my full potential..

My personality is often labelled as motivated, outgoing, and driven to succeed by strangers, I love that people see all those positive aspects and make a judgement.. to be honest I have flaws like everyone else and as time goes by I still have a long way to go πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ’…πŸ½

People keep telling me my mind works different to others and that my aura is something unique and I never believed it once.. Recently I’m starting to understand my mind processes things really quickly at once.. it used to feel like I was rushing the way I did things but I realised everyone’s different and they have their own individual positives and negatives about them..

I learned to adapt, if I didn’t I would find it hard to survive. I didn’t wanna end up going nowhere fast so I put all my energy into present which is building Neicey’s Jewels, studying and my job..

The fear of being average will forever scare me but I reckon it also keeps me on my toes to not fall behind on my responsibilities, I’ve got to go hard, as they say but also reward my self when I achieve one of my goals. As time’s gone by how I deal with daily tasks is I’ve got the attitude ”ill do it tomorrow” the fact that my brain has got comfortable knowing I will do it, I put off till last minute which is a MOTHER!

I am starting to train myself in doing things as they come, when you leave things till the last minute you usually forget you had to do it and move onto something else or you don’t end up doing it at all because it seems ‘long’ at the time’

I would also suggest you have friends that can uplift you and remind you that there is important moves to make rather then getting involved in necessary rubbish that has little or no relevance to you. My sisters will actually ask me ‘Shanice how’s Neicey’s Jewels’ and I would have to give them a break down of what I’ve been doing within the company and what still needs to be done.

Procrastination will always be a killer, expect people to sleep on you if they know you never get the job done. Whether that be working hard in university, at your job or your own business don’t ever put off what can be done now!

Keep going.. If your passionate about something you will not stop fighting until the end πŸ‘ŠπŸ½..
Thank you for reading my blog post guys x

Love always, Neicey x

Real Recognise Real

Hey yall,

Hope everyone’s having a productive Monday and your working your butts off towards success πŸ’ͺ🏽

Yass Neicey has written another post for you lovely beings!! πŸ‘‘πŸ˜.. see how much time I’m investing into writing.. I’m quite proud of myself β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‹.. Anyhu.. 

This particular post is literally some of my thoughts just written down and the things I mention have been playing on my mind so I thought let me share it with you ☺️😏

Do you feel like you don’t fit into a particular group of friends?

or your mind doesn’t function like others which differentiates you from the rest ?

Maybe your too focused on achieving greatness you keep yourself to yourself?

Growing up I often felt like I needed to be apart of a friendship group, it didn’t matter who or why but it was the only way I felt like I belonged somewhere. I found myself hiding behind other people’s personalities so the attention wasn’t drawn necessarily on my lack of self confidence.. Being an adult now has made so much things clearer and I felt like I need to share this with you all…

As of recent (and when I say recent I meant this year lol) I’ve loved the idea of being my own best friend.. the little things excite me these days e.g. going shopping ALONE, taking myself out to dinner ALONE.. even to the point of me keeping some of my thoughts to myself.. Through this process I’ve found out so many amazing things about myself that for years I missed out on.. When your caught up in a ongoing cycle you never realise how much time is being wasted on things that have no relevance to you whatsoever.. Now hollll on wait a minute.. be prepared for people to call you weak or even weird because you prefer your own company rather then being caught up in the bs but remember everyone has their own individual mindset so you need to take care of yours boo βœ”οΈπŸ˜

My advice to you:

  • Never get so caught up in the world that you forget yourself.. Take care of yourself always!
  • Don’t be so easily influenced.. we all know right from wrong.. don’t just part take in stupid behaviours because your friends are doing it but be the odd one out.
  • Always know where your going and what path you want to take rather then sharing the paths maybe your friends are currently taking.. 
  • Be great, be powerful and let your presence be felt.

It’s okay to make mistakes, we are all growing and learning.. My mama always says life doesn’t come with a handbook so instead of us all judging each other for what we think is wrong concentrate on bettering ourselves..

I hope this post helps and its gets you on the right path because how are you meant to know if you don’t get advice aye πŸ˜‘


Direct your energy into positivity.. and be bold whilst doing so πŸ‘‘βœ¨

 Keep an eye out this week.. We’ve got some big things happening in our business.. and we need all of your support and love..


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Love always ❀️