Heya Beauties, Im back..

Hey guys..

Its been so longggggg! I am so sorry for my absence! Ive been trying to juggle personal life, university and the buiness some would say I am not doing a good job juggling all three lmao!

Ive missed writing so much it was always very therapeutic for me so I am so happy to be back…so much has happened and is yet to happen.. I cant wait to fill you guys in..

I haven’t got an actual straight forward explanation as to why I’ve been MIA.. just that recently ive been getting to know myself all over again from improving my confidence to just laughing more and enjoying life. Im the type of person that feels if your mind, body and spirit isnt right then it could hinder you in all aspects of your life.

Im not a huge christian but I do beleive in God and I have been getting closer to him! I believe prayer is key. Every so often when my heart feels heavy or I feel anxious I release all that energy and I feel great afterwards. Recently I visited my mothers church and the word I had recieved was AMAZING! Guys when I tell you all the things the pastor was saying it was like he was he’s reading my mind!!

Im learning God can take you on to many cross roads and he is full of changes therefore whatever you may be struggling with for e.g. university, university etc.. your current situation isnt your final destination so KEEP GOING! THERE IS AN END INSIGHT! What we tend to do is get comfortable too quickly and get complacent with the situation we are put in, even if we hate it! Just remember your blessing is coming! BELIEVE AND TRUST!

In regards to the business, its doing well minus the hurdles, the speeed bumps and lifes spontatenous ways lol! I havent been lazy these past months I promise, Ive been planning and plotting my next step! What I can reveal now is that we have some new products online (I shall leave the link to my website down below) buttttt we will be introducing some SECRET collections for the new year which I am so pumped for.. So dont sleep on me just yet, I have a few things in store for you guys!

Last but not least, I would love to connect with more of my readers and possibly do some collaborations with yall who have businesses.. If you need advice on confidence issues or you have a query drop me an email: info@neiceys-jewels.com with a subject line and I will reply straight away!

For all business/branding enquiries email us on: info@neiceys-jewels.com

Follow our social media accounts:

Instagram: NeiceysJewels, Like our Facebook Page: Neicey’s Jewels, Twitter: Neicey’sJewels

Speak soon hunny’s

Love always Neicey xo

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