When Jewellery Meets Art..

Hey yalll,

Firstly I am so embarrassed! I’ve been neglecting you guys for the longest with my blog posts, it’s been ages since we’ve had a little chinwag about what we’ve been up to! I wanna start off by just thanking everyone who has read my blog posts so far, shared and supported! if this is your first time being here, hey babeeeee! *waves*

November was such a busy but amazing month, I launched a new website with over 20 new products, started exhibiting again and ended on a high note with a project that ive wanted to do for ages! I’ve always thought jewellery reminded me of art, it’s a form of expression and you are the canvas, so with our shoot I wanted to portray bright colours with our beautiful jewellery.

I was so nervous planning this shoot because this is right out of my comfort zone, however I knew nothing great comes from the comfort zone so I ran with the idea. Its crazy how the industry works, you start with a idea/vision of what you want to create and then you plan how your going to execute the vision with moodboards etc and then you gotta find the right team to excute but they gotta they gotta believe in your idea just as much as you do! You then create magic as a team!

In this blog Ive included a couple sneak peak BTS shots of what went down! Our stunning model Apryl caught in action taking creative direction from Shanice Pearson. I decided to go for bright tropical colours for Apryl because for some reason yellows and oranges always remind me of sitting on a island sipping on a sex on the beach cocktail lmao and as winter is approaching in London I thought it was only right! 🙂

Jewellery piece: Jewelled fringe tassle earrings – Shop here


I opted for body paint for this shoot  literally because it’s different and its something I hadn’t used in shoots before! We’ve done gold flakes in previous shoots but I thought it would be a nice touch to what I was trying to create and it worked really well as it complimented the petals and eye makeup that each model was wearing! Who said trying something new was scary lmao! ??

I honestly can’t wait for you guys to see the final images when they come out! Your going to LOVE THEM! so keep an eye out 😉

Jewellery pieces models are wearing:

The crystal loop choker – Shop here

Red bead + tassle drop earrings – Shop here

Special thanks to the team on the day:

  • MUA: Shanice Grant
  • Photographer: Miah
  • Models: Apryl + Jee
  • Videographer: Chez
  • Creative Direction: Shanice Pearson

For all jewellery pieces, Shop our new website: neiceysjewels.com

For all bookings/enquiries email: info@neiceysjewels.com

Keep up with our project in detail and follow our social media where you will find all professional images etc, you will also find our teams contact details on our Instagram page:

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: @neiceysjewels

Thank you for reading guys, I hope your as excited as we are to be back!!

Speak soon

Neicey xx

2 thoughts on “When Jewellery Meets Art..

  1. Don’t be embarrassed at all, life happens!
    & for all of us at that.

    So proud of your continuous growth and effort to take your business further. May 2018 be a fruitful year for you personally & professionally. I share the same birthday as ‘Neicey’s Jewels’ so I might just make a cheeky purchase!

    All the best,

    Debrae x

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