They’re Watching..

“Keep your head up baby girl don’t you ever let that crown slip, all eyes are on you so don’t you dare trip!” – S.Pearson

This blog post is more of a dear diary sisterhood type of feel. The purpose of this blog is to encourage ladies to know, love express true self and find comfort in my writing. 

 06-04-17 exact thoughts going through my mind.. what a world we live in, we come from a place where people laugh at your downfalls rather than encourage you to get back up after falling, we live in a place where support is limited because they don’t wanna see you do better than them, we come from a place where you don’t look the part of what society promotes you to look like so your overlooked 

Today had me thinking girls we actually have it hard, as women we are naturally strong beings but living in today’s backward society we’re doing pretty well. Taking into consideration all the trouble we put each other through tbh we deserve a tall cocktail (happy hour every hour, here ladies.. cheers) TGIF! 

What is a rolemodel? 

a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people.

As females we have to treat each other better, for our younger sisters, cousins, nieces + next gen. We need to STEP UP AND BECOME THE ROLE MODELS WE NEVER HAD. The social media platforms we use everyday should be to ENCOURAGE AND INSPIRE others so they can be the best they can be not look to the next female as competition but as motivation to succeed!

I started thinking where does all this immaturity comes from? Why do we treat one another so bad and then wonder why respectisn’t given to us, because there is a lack of self love!

Remember ladies anything you do now, people see! This world is like Big Brother, everyone is watching! Don’t make poor decisions based on now because 20 years down the line these poor decisions will catch up with you. Treat people how you would like to be treated and even if you have been a victim of lack of support, love  or encouragement, never change who you are because the world needs more people like you.


 People will come into your life and appreciate your good character! 

One thing I’ve learned over the years that has always been in the back of my mind. Nobody owes you anything in this world, JUST because your nice to someone does NOT mean they owe you anything back. The beauty of being an exceptional person is being that ray of sunshine that someone else might need. If we’re all nice to someone a day we have more of a chance of reaching to the top together ;

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Speak soon
Neicey xx

NJ Girl Boss Campaign for International Women’s Day March 2017

Hey guyss..

Mama’s finally home 2+ years later, I’m back again.  I can’t believe how long I’ve left it, I have actually missed writing! Trust me I wont be doing a disappearing act anytime soon! We’re only 3 months into the year and there’s been an unlimited amount of growth, change and happiness. I cant wait to share what  Neicey’s Jewels has been up to and the projects we’ve been working on.

In celebration of international women’s day 2017,  for the month of March I wanted to direct something out of my comfort zone but also something to celebrate all the hard working women that I know. I decided to create a campaign which consisted of video interviews and a photo shoot to celebrate 4 influential business women who are killing the industry right now. Of course I had to incorporate Neicey’s Jewels by creating a fashion look book that shows different outfits can be worn with our jewellery! Guys it was SICKKKKK, seeing my dreams come true only motivates me to do so much more.

When directing a shoot I start by creating a mood board. For those who don’t know, a mood board is a type o collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition. I had a vision of the concept I wanted to create: got a group of business women together that worked both BTS and on camera and created something out the box  – I even got involved! I try to stick within my mood board and then get as creative as possible with it and remember to always have fun. I’ve only started directing shoots since Feb and its actually hard work, your literally trying to do 101 things at once but once its all said and done you get this overwhelmed feeling of achievement, getting that feeling is amazing so from now on add director to my list of jobs πŸ˜‰ LOL


When planning this shoot I decided I wanted a variety of female bosses that came from different industries, that were skilled in different areas. We had an author, a photographer, an entrepreneur in the fashion industry and an actress. We also had an amazing team of women that worked BTS who was incredible all throughout mua’s, stylist, videographers and photographer. These were all ladies I hadn’t worked with before but saw how they’ve progressed on their journey though social media so I thought why not direct a female boss campaign with a female team which celebrates women after all it is women’s day right!

Each week we celebrated a different female and showed our viewers the life of each entrepreneur. Throughout the week we gave our viewers a background of what they specialise in, how to contact them and documenting their journey throughout the years. We also directed a mini interview with each female so they could give some advice to other people who may want to work in their field and how they could go about starting their journey.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

I promised myself  that this year I plan to stay out my comfort zone so working with a large team who were full of positivity and good vibes was literally a bonus and I had such a good time. The females bosses were so appreciative to the fact that were the ones being celebrated for their achievements which warmed my heart. I wanted to stop the stereotype that most people have of females not being able to work together and create something epic and WE did exactly that! All the social media links for the team are listed below! Look them up and book them they are so dope!





FEMALE BOSSES – @mschantelle_  @toniche  @jemellabw  @ lararaeee

Team: @visualsbychez @kaziyamungu_ @lcmldn @ sistersinbeauty @bellevousldn @styledbymode_

Thank you ladies so much, without you the project could not be possible!

You can find the visuals of the campaign on:

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Thank you for reading guys.

I wont be a stranger again πŸ˜‰

Speak soon

Neicey xx

“Fleek” vs SocietyΒ 

Hey babyyylovess πŸ’‹

This week my mind has been running wild to say the least.. I’ve been getting in touch with my natural side (I only mean natural hair and nails!) Just having a little break nothing too extreme! I am embracing it slowly but surely. I’ve decided to work on myself not directly my outside but my whole inside being..  I’m all about love growth and positivity.. and as a woman I’m feeding myself and the world the right knowledge so all three elements work well in my favour.

This natural journey gave me inspiration to write todays post because truth be told I am very passionate about this topic and it really grinds my gear how us women are letting today’s society eat our real hearts and innocent souls. 

As women we are expected to fill in our eyebrows with a concealed outline to be considered ‘cute’, have a 1000+ followers to be seen ‘popular’, wear waist trainers to shrink our bodies and wear 26 inch Brazilian weave to be on “fleek”. All for some attention from men and a quick buzz from social media.πŸ˜”

The pressure of the media and society’s ideas of ‘perfection’ are smothering our desire to express our individuality and it’s way too much! Now chillll dont get me wrong I too love a good eyebrow usually and some luscious Peruvian bundles but does knowing how to conceal your eyebrows show your loving heart or kind nature? 😐..Does buying MAC makeup cover up your insecurities and darkest secrets? I think not b 😐..

Now is it real? Eyebrows, fingernails, hair.. Is it real? if its not, girl you don’t care, cause what’s real is something that the eyes cant see. – J.Cole

Under all the distractions are you a happy person on the inside? Do you know who you are on the inside? Or does it not matter because if someone approaches you with these questions it will seem like they are “haters” or hating on how “fleeky your make up is” Nah hunny I just prefer the real you! Flaws and all!

Everyday there’s something new that pops up on Instagram on how we can change our being whether that be a magic waist trainer/ new makeup / new hair BUT HOW ABOUT we just love what was created instead of trying to tweek little things on the outside that really we have no business fixing what God already put his paint brush on 🎨

Love yourself, girl or nobody will. Though your a woman I don’t know how you deal.. With all the pressure to look impressive and go out in heels! I feel for you.. killing yourself to find a man that’ll kill for you – J.cole

As we are starting to change ourselves our men of this generation are also starting to accept this deception and now they think it’s right to have there own perception of how us women should look, dress act and feel. This has got to stop now! Don’t change for a man! Don’t change for today’s society! Don’t change YOU!   

QUEENS you’ve got to start embracing, loving and learning β€οΈπŸ‘‘.. Be YOU, You CANNOT BE COPIED. be BOLD. Work on the inside before anything else. 

Thank you for reading my blog guys, leave some comments below!

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Love always