When Jewellery Meets Art..

Hey yalll,

Firstly I am so embarrassed! I’ve been neglecting you guys for the longest with my blog posts, it’s been ages since we’ve had a little chinwag about what we’ve been up to! I wanna start off by just thanking everyone who has read my blog posts so far, shared and supported! if this is your first time being here, hey babeeeee! *waves*

November was such a busy but amazing month, I launched a new website with over 20 new products, started exhibiting again and ended on a high note with a project that ive wanted to do for ages! I’ve always thought jewellery reminded me of art, it’s a form of expression and you are the canvas, so with our shoot I wanted to portray bright colours with our beautiful jewellery.

I was so nervous planning this shoot because this is right out of my comfort zone, however I knew nothing great comes from the comfort zone so I ran with the idea. Its crazy how the industry works, you start with a idea/vision of what you want to create and then you plan how your going to execute the vision with moodboards etc and then you gotta find the right team to excute but they gotta they gotta believe in your idea just as much as you do! You then create magic as a team!

In this blog Ive included a couple sneak peak BTS shots of what went down! Our stunning model Apryl caught in action taking creative direction from Shanice Pearson. I decided to go for bright tropical colours for Apryl because for some reason yellows and oranges always remind me of sitting on a island sipping on a sex on the beach cocktail lmao and as winter is approaching in London I thought it was only right! 🙂

Jewellery piece: Jewelled fringe tassle earrings – Shop here


I opted for body paint for this shoot  literally because it’s different and its something I hadn’t used in shoots before! We’ve done gold flakes in previous shoots but I thought it would be a nice touch to what I was trying to create and it worked really well as it complimented the petals and eye makeup that each model was wearing! Who said trying something new was scary lmao! ??

I honestly can’t wait for you guys to see the final images when they come out! Your going to LOVE THEM! so keep an eye out 😉

Jewellery pieces models are wearing:

The crystal loop choker – Shop here

Red bead + tassle drop earrings – Shop here

Special thanks to the team on the day:

  • MUA: Shanice Grant
  • Photographer: Miah
  • Models: Apryl + Jee
  • Videographer: Chez
  • Creative Direction: Shanice Pearson

For all jewellery pieces, Shop our new website: neiceysjewels.com

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Thank you for reading guys, I hope your as excited as we are to be back!!

Speak soon

Neicey xx

The wait is over.. NJ SS17!

Well guys it’s here! Our SS17 collection has finally dropped and trust me when we say we’ve catered to everyone! This has to be by far the most creative shoot we’ve directed, focusing on just jewellery and makeup. 

Through this shoot we wanted to portray feelings and how our jewellery made our customers feel ​when wearing Neicey’s Jewels. We not only took pictures but had an amazing videographer onboard who filmed the whole project.

 Here’s a BTS snippet of what went down!

 Watch full video here.. 


Photographer: Anisha Williams 

Videographer: Visuals by Chez

Models: Kevine, Lorena, Cortnee

MUA: Shanice Grant

Jewellery: Neicey’s Jewels
This project was purely a celebration of a new collection being released but also reminding yall we’re a jewellery brand with a purpose that has a message behind it. We encourage women to know, love and express true self through our gorgeous pieces and fashionable accessories.

What’s next? 

In future we will be doing more projects that are out of the box solely based on the message we want portrayed through our brand. We also want to exhibit our products at more events so make sure you looking out for us.

Thank you all for your support and lovely comments.. We appreciate you all! 

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Thank you for reading guys.
Speak soon

Neicey xx

Summer’s Loading… 

Well guys, we’re almost ready to release our SS17 collection yayyy! We’ve got it all this season body jewellery, chokers, earrings, sets and accessories!

I am super excited about this collection, the feedback we’ve got so far has been amazing!! Ofcourse it’s our summer collection so we had to include festival vibes, crystal bodychains, stunning chokers and some drop dead sets’

The wait is almost over and we will be releasing our summer collection in late May! Not putting out a date, wanna keep you on your toes a little longer, but for our subscribers keep an eye on your mailbox as we will be informing you guys first!

We have an amazing shoot coming up also just for our new summer collection and a few surprises but I don’t want to tell you guys too much!!! 

Oh yes! Last but not least, our biggest clearance sale happening right now! All jewellery and accessories are under £10!!! Yep I said it.. everything must go!! So head over to neiceysjewels.com and get your goodies!!

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Thank you for reading guys.
Speak soon

Neicey xx

NJ Girl Boss Campaign for International Women’s Day March 2017

Hey guyss..

Mama’s finally home 2+ years later, I’m back again.  I can’t believe how long I’ve left it, I have actually missed writing! Trust me I wont be doing a disappearing act anytime soon! We’re only 3 months into the year and there’s been an unlimited amount of growth, change and happiness. I cant wait to share what  Neicey’s Jewels has been up to and the projects we’ve been working on.

In celebration of international women’s day 2017,  for the month of March I wanted to direct something out of my comfort zone but also something to celebrate all the hard working women that I know. I decided to create a campaign which consisted of video interviews and a photo shoot to celebrate 4 influential business women who are killing the industry right now. Of course I had to incorporate Neicey’s Jewels by creating a fashion look book that shows different outfits can be worn with our jewellery! Guys it was SICKKKKK, seeing my dreams come true only motivates me to do so much more.

When directing a shoot I start by creating a mood board. For those who don’t know, a mood board is a type o collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition. I had a vision of the concept I wanted to create: got a group of business women together that worked both BTS and on camera and created something out the box  – I even got involved! I try to stick within my mood board and then get as creative as possible with it and remember to always have fun. I’ve only started directing shoots since Feb and its actually hard work, your literally trying to do 101 things at once but once its all said and done you get this overwhelmed feeling of achievement, getting that feeling is amazing so from now on add director to my list of jobs 😉 LOL


When planning this shoot I decided I wanted a variety of female bosses that came from different industries, that were skilled in different areas. We had an author, a photographer, an entrepreneur in the fashion industry and an actress. We also had an amazing team of women that worked BTS who was incredible all throughout mua’s, stylist, videographers and photographer. These were all ladies I hadn’t worked with before but saw how they’ve progressed on their journey though social media so I thought why not direct a female boss campaign with a female team which celebrates women after all it is women’s day right!

Each week we celebrated a different female and showed our viewers the life of each entrepreneur. Throughout the week we gave our viewers a background of what they specialise in, how to contact them and documenting their journey throughout the years. We also directed a mini interview with each female so they could give some advice to other people who may want to work in their field and how they could go about starting their journey.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

I promised myself  that this year I plan to stay out my comfort zone so working with a large team who were full of positivity and good vibes was literally a bonus and I had such a good time. The females bosses were so appreciative to the fact that were the ones being celebrated for their achievements which warmed my heart. I wanted to stop the stereotype that most people have of females not being able to work together and create something epic and WE did exactly that! All the social media links for the team are listed below! Look them up and book them they are so dope!





FEMALE BOSSES – @mschantelle_  @toniche  @jemellabw  @ lararaeee

Team: @visualsbychez @kaziyamungu_ @lcmldn @ sistersinbeauty @bellevousldn @styledbymode_

Thank you ladies so much, without you the project could not be possible!

You can find the visuals of the campaign on: http://www.youtube.com/neiceysjewels

Shop: neiceysjewels.com for all jewellery piece, we have a cheeky clearance sale happening now! 😉

Twitter, Facebook & Instagram: @neiceysjewels

Thank you for reading guys.

I wont be a stranger again 😉

Speak soon

Neicey xx

Ready, Set, GO!!

Ever felt like your moving fast on a road to nowhere? or felt like your at a stand still that you’ve been stuck on for so long? Maybe you’ve got so comfortable in the position you are in today and don’t know how to get out of a busy routine?

That stern quick journey on a road to nowhere can make you feel like you’ve literally crashed and burned. I would describe this feeling as putting in so much blood, sweat and tears into something but it’s almost never noticed.

It’s perfectly normal to get comfortable in your everyday lifestyle. You may not be where you would love to be at this point in time but your okay with that because just like me, you hate change..

Motivation can come in many different forms of signs.. You may see an inspirational quote and think yep I needed that sign or even a relative has given you that kick ass advice and made you think man I need to get back to work.. Well erm?

“What are you waiting for?”

Believe it or not I needed the motivation to get back into writing blogs for you guys but the thought of helping someone or motivating them brought me here.. “God blesses you so your able to bless others” so here I am.. but what could you do to help someone or kick them into beast mode?

I’m learning that If you have a positive can do attitude you will then see results. If you automatically have a ‘I cant be bothered’ attitude your brain will automatically go into melt down mode and all that’s going to do is push you a thousand steps back!

Remember ROME WASNT BUILT IN A DAY! It takes time and perseverance, remember you will succeed PERIOD!

Love always

Neicey xo

Heya Beauties, Im back..

Hey guys..

Its been so longggggg! I am so sorry for my absence! Ive been trying to juggle personal life, university and the buiness some would say I am not doing a good job juggling all three lmao!

Ive missed writing so much it was always very therapeutic for me so I am so happy to be back…so much has happened and is yet to happen.. I cant wait to fill you guys in..

I haven’t got an actual straight forward explanation as to why I’ve been MIA.. just that recently ive been getting to know myself all over again from improving my confidence to just laughing more and enjoying life. Im the type of person that feels if your mind, body and spirit isnt right then it could hinder you in all aspects of your life.

Im not a huge christian but I do beleive in God and I have been getting closer to him! I believe prayer is key. Every so often when my heart feels heavy or I feel anxious I release all that energy and I feel great afterwards. Recently I visited my mothers church and the word I had recieved was AMAZING! Guys when I tell you all the things the pastor was saying it was like he was he’s reading my mind!!

Im learning God can take you on to many cross roads and he is full of changes therefore whatever you may be struggling with for e.g. university, university etc.. your current situation isnt your final destination so KEEP GOING! THERE IS AN END INSIGHT! What we tend to do is get comfortable too quickly and get complacent with the situation we are put in, even if we hate it! Just remember your blessing is coming! BELIEVE AND TRUST!

In regards to the business, its doing well minus the hurdles, the speeed bumps and lifes spontatenous ways lol! I havent been lazy these past months I promise, Ive been planning and plotting my next step! What I can reveal now is that we have some new products online (I shall leave the link to my website down below) buttttt we will be introducing some SECRET collections for the new year which I am so pumped for.. So dont sleep on me just yet, I have a few things in store for you guys!

Last but not least, I would love to connect with more of my readers and possibly do some collaborations with yall who have businesses.. If you need advice on confidence issues or you have a query drop me an email: info@neiceys-jewels.com with a subject line and I will reply straight away!

For all business/branding enquiries email us on: info@neiceys-jewels.com

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Speak soon hunny’s

Love always Neicey xo

Naturally beautiful you are..

”you don’t need to wear all that make-up”

“your eyebrows are too sharp”

”Is this foundation even my skin tone”

All these questions went around in her head as she painted on her Estée Lauder double wear foundation and concealed under her eyes..

Females are so caught up in what foundation to buy next, how to contour correctly and what makeup brush to use for the daily bronzer.

When did natural beauty become so scary, to the thought that some  females can’t even walk 10 mins to the corner shop without plastering their face..I’ve always said I love a bit of foundation and a good eyebrow but I do not need to wear makeup 247 to get abit of attention, a few Twitter favourites and retweets and to feel beautiful!

Now.. I’m not slating women that wear makeup at all because everyone is entitled to there own opinion and have different perceptions of what makes them feel ‘beautiful’ but what I am saying is dig a little deeper.. 

Your natural beauty makes you unique, your beautiful flaws make you who you are as a person and your personality is the stamp you leave people with at the end.

Yes. a pretty face will no doubt get you the attention and it will probably keep people interested that little longer BUT let me tell you this for free.. If all you have to offer is a pretty face and shxt personality there is no hope at all! 

I’ve witnessed so many ‘pretty’ females treat other girls so mean because they THINK they look better then them so it’s okay..

Wait since when did you getting 120 likes on Instagram because your ‘caked up’ mean you were better than everyone else?😆

Girls start embracing yourselves, your being.. your realness.. It’s not everyday  cover up your inperfections but see how you last with ‘no makeup’ sometimes.. Accept the compliments when your face isn’t ‘beat’ .. Walk around with your head high knowing your natural beauty is what makes you beautiful..

Personally I would go a month without wearing makeup then just switch it up and beat this face girlll lol that’s just me🙋🏽.. but that’s the beauty of it.. try to switch it up.. feel confident with or without..

I hear a lot of females saying I wear makeup to feel good about myself, to look good constantly and to get people’s attention so let me ask you something if your constantly wearing makeup and ‘shutting down’ when it comes to big events in a women’s life for e.g. 21st birthday, prom, graduation and your wedding day..you will be looking so casj because you would of got so used to that ‘turn up’ look no? 😧

Females get with it, that natural glow is winning this summer.. Stop focusing on looking like an average girl and be different.. Stand out. Remember your great with or without those things.. 😏☺️

Thank you for reading this post..❤️

Love always, Neicey xo